Caroline Bailey + Ethan Sorrell

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“Finding a perfect wedding dress is every girls dream. My only problem when I went looking was that I had no idea what I wanted. Francesca helped me pick my perfect dress during my two initial visits to the salon. She asked my budget let me pull dresses that I liked and then pulled dresses that she thought I should try out. Let me tell you I did not like a single dress I picked and loved the ones that Francesca pulled. My only hesitation was that I loved the top of one dress and the bottom of another. Luckily they were made by the same designer, Francesca and her amazing team contacted the designer and asked if we could combine the two dresses. I was elated when I found out that they were willing to take the top of the one dress and the bottom of the other and make them into one dress.

Going to a store like Francesca’s has many benefits, one of the major ones is that this store had a personal connection with the designer and was able to ask for that major change, you will not find that when it comes to department stores or other retail stores… what you see at those stores is what you get. I also wanted a little sparkle added to my dress, but once again I was very particular about the belt. I didn’t want a belt that had a ribbon in the back but loved the look of one of the belts that was designed that way. So of course Francesca had the solution. We ordered two of the same belt, cut off the half with ribbon and her amazing alteration team sewed the belt onto my dress so that the crystals went completely around with not gaps. It was exactly what I had envisioned. The team also added straps to my dress because I did not want to be pulling up my strapless dress all night.

They took me through every step from finding the style, thickness, color, and fit to make the straps absolutely perfect. Kara walked me through every step at each of my alteration appointments making sure everything was perfect. She was patient and always willing to go with my crazy ideas. During my fitting I also found the perfect pair of earrings to go with my dress and a veil. As you will see my veil was M.I.A on my wedding day because it was so windy and sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I was happy that I had it as an option even though I did not end up wearing it. All night I felt wonderful in my dress. It was something that was just my style, fit perfectly and was so fun to dance in. I will cherish how wonderful the team at Francesca’s made me feel on my big day.”




Operations Manager of Elizabeth Bailey Weddings

Renee Michele Photography

Bridal: Custom gown by Paloma Blanca

Veil: Custom veil by Erika Koesler
Belt: Theia
Straps: Custom straps by Francesca’s